Income Protection & Family Income Protection
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Most employers offer some level of sick pay but what happens when this runs out? If you suffer an accident or sickness often you may need time to recover which is much longer than your employer will pay you for. Or you maybe self-employed and not benefit from any sickness pay at all!

This is where income protection comes in. Designed to give you a monthly income should you be unable to work and ensure you are able to continue to pay all your normal bills, mortgages or rent.


Income Protection

An income protection policy will pay out a monthly amount for the term of the policy should you be unable to work due to an accident or illness.

We work with you to understand your current income and expenditure and tailor a plan around this also taking into account your employers sick pay scheme.

These plans should never be ‘bought off the shelf’ as there are so many options attached to them.

Your Options

  • Choice of deferred periods
  • Short-term policies available
  • Policies up to retirement age
  • Increasing benefit option
  • Split cover period options
  • Choice of payment periods
  • Self employed cover

Family Income Policy

A family income benefit policy is designed to protect your dependants and loved ones financially should something happen to you.

A policy would provide a tax-free lump sum to your family every month for the duration of the policy term. This can be in the event of death or even upon diagnoses of a critical illness.

These can be especially useful in ensuring that children are financially supported should they have to be looked after by their appointed guardians.

Your Options

  • Increasing benefit policies
  • Cover for death
  • Cover for death and/or Critical illness
  • Ability to place proceeds into a trust
  • Single or joint policies

There are many different options available so when your employees sick pay scheme runs out you can rest assured yours doesnt! Talk to us, we work with you to ensure if the worst ever happens then you and your family can survive financially.